1. Introduction.

The Regulations specify the conditions under which you can book a trip or transfer, and making a reservation is tantamount to accepting the provisions of the Regulations. At the time of making the reservation, the contract between the owner (RAINBOW TRANSFER -ul. Szeroka 30/4, 31-053 Kraków, NIP: 72 72 79 66 37, Grupa NMS Spółka z o. o.) and the client is deemed to be concluded, subject to point. 2a below.

2. Reservation.

a) reservation via the form available on the website:

After completing and sending the reservation form, a preliminary reservation is made. To make a final reservation, you must receive a telephone or e-mail confirmation and pay the deposit via credit card. A deposit will be required from the customer within three business days from the date of making the initial reservation in the amount of PLN 100 per person , or the entire amount in the case of a non-refundable reservation, hereinafter referred to as “Last minute”. Payment is charged from the credit card provided by the customer when booking.

After recording the deposit payment, at the customer’s request, an e-mail is sent with all the necessary information, which also constitutes a confirmation of the reservation – the so-called voucher. If no deposit payment is recorded in the above-mentioned within the bank account mentioned above, the property has the right to cancel the reservation without notifying the client. In this case, the customer is not entitled to any claims against the owner of the facility due to the cancellation of the initial reservation, which the customer accepts and consents to.

b) telephone reservation :

When making a telephone reservation, the customer is obliged to provide credit card details for verification and so-called pre-authorization. In the event of a no-show or if the customer wishes to cancel the reservation 72 hours before the tour/transfer, the property will charge the customer’s credit card a fee in the amount of the service selected by the customer, to which the customer agrees. Telephone reservations can also be made in the manner specified in point 2a above.

3. ‘Last minute’ reservation :

In the case of the so-called “Last Minute” reservations, i.e. in the last three days before the trip/transfer, the deposit is collected via credit card or the so-called pre-authorization. In this case, the customer pays the entire fee for the service on the day of collection from his/her place of residence.

4. Changes to your reservation

About any changes in the reservation, e.g. number of people, dates

trip/transfer, please inform no later than 3 days before the trip/transfer.

The facility may refuse to change the client’s date or number of people if all available places are used or in the case of clients who do not comply with the applicable regulations.

Once the deposit has been paid, it is not refundable. It is possible to change the reservation date after paying the deposit, provided that such a change is possible and is made at least 14 days before the original reservation date. The reservation date can only be changed while maintaining the same type of service and the original number of people.

5. Customer pickup.

The exact time and place of customer pickup is provided in the booking confirmation by e-mail. until 24.00 on the day before the trip. Failure of the customer to show up at the designated address at the scheduled time results in automatic cancellation of the reservation for reasons attributable to the customer without the facility being obliged to refund the amount due. If it is not possible to arrive at the previously agreed time, the client is obliged to immediately notify the person responsible for the transfer trip by phone. The client is obliged to pay the amount indicated on the voucher even if, for reasons beyond the control of the owner of the service provider, arrival is delayed or shortened (communication difficulties , strikes, personal reasons).

the client accepts and consents to.

6. Customer obligations

The number of people participating in the tour/transfer is limited to that indicated on the voucher. If this number exceeds the number of people specified on the voucher, the person responsible for the service may refuse to provide it. The customer is obliged to inform Rainbow Transfer by phone or e-mail about any change in this number.

The customer has been informed and accepts that personal items left in the vehicle will be sent back to the address indicated by him. If you do not receive such an instruction, they will be stored for 1 month and then disposed of.

9. Occurrence of force majeure.

In the event of unforeseeable circumstances, e.g. a breakdown, the owner/service provider has the right to offer the customer a replacement vehicle similar to the vehicle originally booked. The owner has the right to cancel the reservation in the event of force majeure. Amounts paid by the client are refundable, minus amounts due for services already provided.

10. Applicable law.

The law applicable to disputes between the owner/service provider and the customer is Polish law. Disputes will be resolved by the court competent for the registered office of the owner of the accommodation/transport facility

11. Limitation of Liability

The owner/service provider is liable for loss or damage to items brought by those using its services within the scope specified in Art. 846-849 of the Civil Code, unless the parties have agreed otherwise.

12. Personal data protection

The client consents to the processing of his personal data for the purposes of registration and placing the client’s data in the resources of the accommodation facility in accordance with the Act of October 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws No. 133 of 1997, item 883, as amended). .dec.). by the owner of the facility. The customer has the right to access his/her personal data, correct it, modify it and request its removal from the facility’s resources at any time.

13. Availability of regulations

The regulations are available on the website

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